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Customer Comments

Mr Alan - Leicester
Great Job Henna. I
will be recommending your services to all my colleagues!

Mrs Smith - Manchester
I am writing to let you know that I have had
a very good response with the CV you updated, this was the best £50.00 I have spent in ages. I will
be recommending
your services to all my friends.
Amanda Elzner -

We are moving to New Zealand and i have just sent the CV you updated for me and they have selected me for an interview !



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Did you know that you have only 30 seconds to make an impression?

Remember that first impressions really does count, when it comes to sending out your CV.

Your CV should highlight your strengths, qualifications, experience and ability. Recruiters spend less than a minute looking at a CV so it really does need to stand out from the crowd.

If you have an existing CV that you would like professionally formatted, email it to us and we will take the basic details and produce a Professional CV or we can take your information over the phone or by email.

The cost for creating a professional CV starts from just  £23.00!
A covering letter that exactly matches the format and style of your CV is supplied from only £20! A cover letter is a personal introduction that accompanies your CV.

When payment is received your CV will be completed in and sent to you for your approval. We  will create a CV that will be totally suitable for your individual requirements and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

We cover all areas for Professional CV Services


Welcome to UK Professional CV Services, Birmingham, London, Manchester UK

Does your CV Give You The Edge?

Does it to maximise your chances of getting the job you deserve?

If the answer is 'No', then we can help you to stand out from the crowd!

FACT : When faced with a stack of job applications, employers generally take less than 30 seconds to glance at your CV and make up their mind whether to add your CV to the 'maybe' pile or the 'no' pile.

Professional CV Services for Computer Engineers
IT Manager, Software Developer, Software engineer , Computer Programmer, IT Engineer

A Professional I.T. CV can secure your next role but what should an I.T. CV include?
It’s important for all of your qualifications and experiences  with CRM, ERP, Java, SAP, Oracle, CISCO and the dozens of other systems to be fully detailed  but simply listing these will result in overloading the recruiter with  far too much data  and make the task of identifying you as an outstanding candidate  far too difficult.

order your IT CV today by clicking here and sending us your info by email







Whilst this is a general problem it also presents a tremendous opportunity to really stand out from the crowd as a well presented and professionally produced CV will make the recruiter’s task so much easier: resulting in more interviews and better job offers.

I.T. CV – What recruiters really want to see on a great I.T CV.

I.T professionals need to submit CVs that:

  • Immediately engage with the recruiter from the very first paragraph. A compelling Profile is essential as this paints a strong, positive picture in the mind of the recruiter about the actual character of the applicant. When done correctly, this sets the tone for the rest of the CV and makes the recruiter far more receptive to note and absorb key candidate information that is detailed in other sections.
  • Proves the competences and qualifications to meet the challenges in the new role.


  • Highlights key successes and achievements. This vital aspect is often completely absent from I.T CVs. Recruiters want to engage people that will over-achieve and over-perform: most I.T. CVs leave this aspect to the recruiter to try to work this out for themselves.
  • Demonstrates that the candidate has a broader grasp of the wider commercial picture: how do they control cost, innovate, save time and many other key factors? Whatever the I.T. candidate’s seniority or experience, the recruiter will want to understand the impact that the candidate’s accomplishments had on the bottom line.


  • Confirms that their skill sets are transferable and that the candidate will integrate and begin contributing in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of supervision.




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We are a Professional CV Company and create CV’s for clients all over UK.







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Customer Comments

Mr Chohan- Middx

What more can I say about your CV’s? – I got the job!

Miss R. Adams - Tamworth
I can’t believe how good my CV looks now compared to what I had before.

Marilyn Howard - Central London
You have worked wonders with my CV. To be honest I was reluctant at first whether to spend all that money on a CV but now i realise it was worth every penny as I have now been offered a job with double my salary !

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