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Customer Comments

Mr Alan - Leicester
Great Job Henna. I
will be recommending your services to all my colleagues!

Mrs Smith - Manchester
I am writing to let you know that I have had
a very good response with the CV you updated, this was the best £50.00 I have spent in ages. I will
be recommending
your services to all my friends.
Amanda Elzner -

We are moving to New Zealand and i have just sent the CV you updated for me and they have selected me for an interview !


CV Writing Service Price List

We are open as normal during coronavirus outbreak, as we are an online business. Please order your CV below.

How to Order your CV, Covering Letter, Personal Statement, Job Application Form online?

1.Select the CV Writing Service from the list below.

2.Make a payment online below, for your CV

3. We will email you requesting information required

4. It will take us 2-5 working days, to complete the work from when we receive your information. We also offer a next day service from extra 20

5. Once your CV, Covering Letter, Personal Statement, Job Application Form is completed, we will email you the docs

6. If you require a fast service - please pay £20 extra and the cv , cov letter, application form will be completed on the next working day

1. CV 0-1 year employment history 15.00 (Special Offer)

2. CV 1-3 years employment history 23.00 (Special Offer)

3. Package 1: CV 0-3 employment history with covering letter £33.00 ( Special Offer)

4. CV 3 - 10 years employment history £35.00

Package 2: CV 3 - 10 years employment history, with covering letter £45.00

5. Package 3: CV 3 - 10 years employment history, with covering letter & Linkedin Profile £65.00

6. CV over 10 years employment history £40.00

7. Package 4: (CV over 10 years employment history), Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile) 75.00

8. CV over 15 years employment history 45.00

9. Package 5: (CV 15 years employment history) and Cover Letter 55.00

10.Package 6: (CV 15 years employment history) with Cover Letter and Linkedin profile 85.00 (special offer)

11. CV over 20 years employment history with covering Letter 70.00

12. Package 8: (CV 20 years employment history), Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile 85.00

13.Cover Letter 10

14.Targeted CV Writting Service 65 ( Special Offer - Today only )

15.CV Edit 35.00 (upto 10 years employment History)

CV Edit 40.00 (upto 20 years employment History)

16. Linkedin Profile 45

17.Targeted CV Writting Service with Covering Letter 85 ( Special Offer - Today only )

18.Targeted CV writing writing service with covering letter and Linkedin profile 120.00

Option 18.5 Targeted CV, Cov letter and Linkedin Profile 95 edit only(special offer for today only)

19. Targeted CV,covering letter and Personal Statement edit 130

20. Professional Targeted CV,covering letter, linkedin and Personal Statement Writing 160

21.Director CV Writing Service 89.00

22.Director Targeted CV Writing Service, Cov Letter and Linkedin 140.00

23.Director Level Targeted Cov Letter 30.00

Director Targeted CV edit with Cov Letter 99.00

24.Director Targeted CV Edit Service, with Cov Letter and Linkedin 130.00

25. Graduate CV 38 (Limited time Special Offfer)

26. Covering Letter for graduates 10.00

27. Targeted Covering Letter 30

28.Junior Management CV Writing Service 65.00

29. Mid Management CV Writing Service 75.00

30. Management CV package with cover letter and personal statement 150.00

31.Senior Management CV Writing Service 85.00

32. Senior Management CV Writing with Cov Letter 95

33. Package 6 management: Management CV edit Package with Cov Letter, LinkedIn Profile edit 120

34. package 7: Senior Management CV edit with cover letter and Linkedin Profile Edit 140

35. Sales Executive CV Writing Service 85.00

36. Media CV Editing Services 130

37. Bespoke CV Writing Services for Investment Banking/Finance roles 79


38. Employment Personal Statement Editing Services ( for basic roles) 49.00

39. ( 5 competency based questions re-writing 85 ) (700 WORDS) limited time offer

40. (2 competency based questions) re-writing service 50.00

41. (3 competency based questions re-writing service) 250 words each (750 WORDS IN TOTAL) 90

42. (4 competency based questions re-writing service) (UP TO 1,000 WORDS IN TOTAL) 100

43. ( 5 competency based questions) re-writing service 140 (1,250 WORDS)

44. ( 8 competency based questions) re-writing 180 (2,000 WORDS)

45. (10 competency based questions re-writing service 230 (3,000 WORDS)

46. (12 competency based questions) re-writing service 280 (3,000 WORDS)

47. Medical CV Edit for Any Doctors, Consultants, Registrars, ST, GP's, Specialist, Research for only 130 Special Offer

48. Medical CV Writing for all Doctors, Consultants, Registrars, ST, GP's, Research, Professor,counselling therapist 160.00 Special Offer

49. Professional Medical CV for Nurses, Health Visitors & NHS receptionist/admin roles 49

50.CESR /CEGPR Medical CV Writing Service 220.00 (up to 20 pages)

51.CESR CV (up to 15 Additional pages) 160.00

53.Medical Application Edit Service ( without personal statement) 220.00

54.Medical CV Writing for all Doctors, Consultants, Registrars, ST, GP's, Research, Professor,counselling therapist from scratch £240.00

55.Medical Application Re-writing Service 290.00 with personal statement

56. Dental Application Edit Service 120.00

57. Medical Personal Statement Writing Service (250 - 300 words) 90.00

58. Medical Personal Statement Editing Service (upto 500 words) 70.00

59. Bio Medical Personal Statement Editing Service 80.00

60. Medical Personal Statement Editing Service(upto 1,000 words) 120.00

61. Medical Personal Statement Editing Service(upto 1,500 words)150.00

Medical Covering Letter Edit Service £40.00

62. Medical Targeted Covering Letter Writing Service 40.00

63. Next working day service 20.00


64. Additional charge for same day 10 hours cv writing service £35.00

65. Additional charge for same day 5 hours cv writing service £60.00

66. CV create word doc 40.00

Change CV to Graphic Design CV(Info Graphic CV) 50.00

67. Medical CV create word doc £60.00

68. Graduate Medical Application Form edit 130.00

69. Supporting Statement editing for medical Assistant/trainee roles (500- 600 words 70)

70. Medical trainee CV Package with linkedin & supporting Statement edit for medical Assistant / trainee (500- 600 words 130)

71. Medical Professional CV with targeted cov letter 190 (edit only)

Medical CV editing, personal statement (1,500 words edit) with job application edit all for only for 400

Employment Personal Statement Editing Service (500 words or less) 79.00

72. Medical Personal Statement edit £130.00

73. Employment Personal Statement Writing Service (500 words or less) 89.00

74. UCAS Personal Statement Editing Service £89.00

75. Post Graduate Personal Statement Editing Service £99.00

76. Supporting Statement Editing Service (upto 500 words) 89.00

77. Supporting Statement Editing Service (upto 1,000 words)£150.00

78. (250 words) Targeted Personal Statement Writing Service £65.00

79. Targeted Personal Statement Re-writing Service 500 words for 99

80. Personal Statement/ competency questions (additional charge for fast service) 20.00

81. Basic Job Application Form service £49.00

82. Targeted Job Application Form Re-Writing Service £90.00

83. Management Job Application Form Editing Service £70.00

84. Management Job Application Form Writing Service(without supporting statement) £80.00

85. Management Job Application Form Writing Service(with supporting statement) £150

86. Supporting statement for property management job application form 130

87. Medical CV create word doc £60.00

88. Legal CV for students studying Law 99

Legal CV Editing Service 150

88. Media CV Editing Services 150

89. Sports Career CV Writing Services 120

90. Senior Manager/ Director Targeted Supporting Letter 65

91. Football CV/ Sports Career CV 120 ( Special Offer for today only )

92. CV - create word doc 40

93. Supporting Statement Writing Service (500 words)£130.00

94. Sameday 10 hours service 50

95. Sameday 4 - 6 hours service Additional Fee 65

96. (cv 1 additonal page) 30

97. (cv 2 additonal pages) 60

98. CV create word doc 40.00

99. Personal Statement create word doc 40.00

100. Covering Letter word doc 30.00

101. Linkedin Profile edit 45

102. Social Worker job Application Form Writing Service (Skills only) 120

103. Targeted Personal Statement (250 words) only 69

Price difference of 55 to upgrade from (20 years employment history CV, Cov Letter and Linkedin) to senior management CV, Cov Letter and Linkedin Edit

104. Graphically Designed CV extra cost 50

105. Add and improve my passport size photo fo CV 30

106. keywords optimised ATS friendly CV additional cost 60

107. CV for corporate jobs /Directors with experience 200

108. CV targeted only for programme managers/ sourcing manager job 200 (UK or global jobs)

109. CV - price difference 95

110. Senior Management CV Package with covering letter and linkedin profile 180

111. Document improving Service 70 per page

112. Add photo on CV (crop and add photo on CV) 30

113. CV Price difference 40 (change basic cv over 15 years to senior management CV)


114. Personal Statement 150 words for any CV 50

115. Change cv over 10 years to mid management CV price difference 35

116. 7 copy pages typing 35

117. targeted Sales Executive CV ( CV improving service for global positions 250)

119. Change sales executive cv to targeted Programme Manager (CV improving service for UK or global programme manager positions) - price difference 190

120. CV price difference 40

121. CV price difference 35

122. CV price difference 35

123. CV price difference 30

125. CV- price difference 115

126. CV- price difference 60

Please note: If you pay for a next day service, we will need you to send the changes for the CV within an hour of completion.

If you pay for a normal service, then we will give 24 hours to let us know of any changes.



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Please note: All CV's are sent as PDF or JPG format as standard. if you need a word doc please pay for this option on the website.

If you require a word document, please remember to pay for this option on the website. All our CV's are between 1-2 pages long, any CV longer than 2 pages will be charged an additional fee from 30 per page extra


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Customer Comments

Mr Chohan- Middx

What more can I say about your CV’s? – I got the job!

Miss R. Adams - Tamworth
I can’t believe how good my CV looks now compared to what I had before.

Marilyn Howard - Central London
You have worked wonders with my CV. To be honest I was reluctant at first whether to spend all that money on a CV but now i realise it was worth every penny as I have now been offered a job with double my salary !


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